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Read the 2020 Southwest Research Center Annual Report.

The Southwest Research Center features a wide variety of research, applicable to producers across the southern portion of Missouri. Various studies involve beef production, horticulture, tree nut crops, vineyard for growing wine and table grapes, vegetables and various land management strategies.

Forage grass breeding conducted at the Southwest Research Center has been instrumental in the development of three new “endophyte-free” tall fescue varieties – “Missouri 96,” “Mozark” and “Martin,” – as well as an orchardgrass variety, “Justus.” Small grains research focuses on variety testing and development, proper fertilization practices and harvest management alternatives.

Horticultural research provides information on viable production alternatives for both commercial producers and home gardeners interested in small fruits and vegetables. Recent projects also include the use of pawpaws, chestnuts, persimmon and elderberry.

Passive Solar Greenhouses

Aren’t all greenhouse’s solar? Yes, but a Passive Solar Greenhouse does not use an artificial heat source such as propane but rather utilizes the sun to heat water, concrete, or some other heat holding material.

hoop house greenhouse